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  The business of Mouseion starts to take up works of only one painter. This is like what Jesus Christ says "a mustard seed of the kingdom of heaven (MATT 13:31)". The seed of work sown on the virtual earth in cyber space, will spread its root and grow into a large tree, then future artist-to-be-children will come to alight on its branch.
   Sunlight, water and manure are necessary to grow for this tree called Mouseion, and much of these resources need to be taken from outside at the time of its germination.
    All life forms possess blueprints of how they should grow in their DNA. Mouseion needs such a plan as well, and if it lacks, it is like sailing without a chart.
   How will Mouseion grow actually? Since intellectual property of business plan is not sufficiently protected, its whole picture cannot be shown here. But we will solve a mystery of the Revelation to comrade those who will enthusiastically provide manure. Below, we will show the idea of our prospective business plan.
   As for picture, human race suffered severe physical restrictions for a long time in the aspect of support and medium. Mineral pigments of paints were rare, and production of organic matters for pigment demanded a great deal of labor. Also, through the entire ancient times, main permanent support of picture was wall of large-scale architecture, furthermore parchment of the West had scarce durability and Oriental silk was expensive. Paper, invented in China at the beginning of the 2nd century, took more than 1,000 years to reach all over the world and to be mass-produced.
   With regard to architecture and sculpture, marble as main material was not produced everywhere on the earth. Impermanent material like sun-dried brick was easy to produce, however, it was difficult to acquire an artistic value in the coming ages.
   At least Mouseion in Alexandria could have become a broad medium to publicize artworks of the past if it had functioned as a pure art exhibition hall. For its purpose, though ruling dynastyfs backup was indispensable, the direction of management was clear. Yet, its door was still closed to the present and future works. What is more, undeveloped information system compelled appreciators to visit an exhibition place. On account that there were scarcely any transportation measures, it actually didn't function as an exhibition place.
   Restriction on important expressive means prevents expressive activity from being developed, necessarily resulting in giving an opportunity of almost completely free expressive activity to special workmen and artists chosen by privileged hierarchy who monopolized medium or support; this is patronage which dominated art for overwhelmingly long period. Therefore, quality of art was prescribed by power, in a wide sense, which could provide patronage.
   It's the modern times ? though it began only a short while ago ? that allowed artists to enjoy relatively free expressive activity compared with ancient times or Middle Ages,  benefited by the Industrial Revolution which realized cheap manufacture of medium and support. Thus art partially got out of the frame of patronage, and became to have a possibility to be supported by gusto of general public who had no direct power.
   However, even if satisfying gusto of general public might gain the depth of expression, it would never make the freedom of expression progress dramatically. Seeing from the side of one who does self-expression, there will be little difference between satisfying one great king and a hundred small kings. The use of cheap medium and support encouraged the artists to be independent from making works to order and create a lot of works by themselves. In this regard, quantity of their freedom of expression may have been increased.
   However, even though medium and support are being mass produced, it does not follow that the means of publicizing works will be increased accordingly. Since publication means is maintained by purchasing activity of general public, the goods that cannot give them buying motives, even artworks, are excluded without exception. And the upper limit of purchasing activity of general public is decided by national income, quantity of goods which publication means can accommodate is never infinite.
   Taking advantage of the restriction of publication means on artworks, appears an expert called producer who plays a special role. A producer is expected to guarantee collection and dividend of investment sum for individuals or corporations that invest in artworks as profit-making activity. Even if his activity cuts deeply the inside of artists' character, being accomplished in sheer economic act computed by cool mind, it is fundamentally different from above-mentioned patronage which has the nature of libertinism.
   Therefore, bringing the commercialism into an individual work in addition to publication means itself, a producer inflicts a severe suppression on artists in the double phase. In other words, the existence of producer does not contribute to extension of the freedom of art expression.
   Though an alternative that art depends on purchase activity of general public has been given, no matter how much medium and support has become plenteous by beneficence of the Industrial Revolution, that alone is not enough for the freedom of expression to fully bloom. In order to achieve it, publication means of art must be separated from purchasing activity of general public. In short, it was necessary to reorganize publication means itself.
    It was the Internet, a product of fully nonprofit security policy to protect data of computer in wartime, that has accomplished it. The collapse of USSR opened the door for this outcome of the cold war going profit-making activity at the end of the 20th century, then so-called "IT revolution" developed from the United States. The prototype of network was formed at nonprofit level, as a result, it made progress irrespective of purchasing activity of general public. If only this system is applied to artworks, a necessary condition to extend freedom of expression will be made.
Necessary condition is just a necessary condition, it only exists, and is not sufficient to extend the freedom of expression. In order to meet this sufficient condition, individuals or organizations that have clear sense of purpose must sow seeds extending the freedom of expression on the Internet. It is Mouseion revived today that performs this mission.

   Being different from the Alexandrian times, Mouseion revived today is placed in the dramatically advanced environment; connected with electric circuit traveling around the earth in some seconds, and mainly in economical advanced countries interactive communications are realized through individual personal computers.
   Also, since the Internet includes a server equipped with an electromagnetic medium which can record almost infinite data semipermanently. Today's Mouseion can reserve display space for present works and yet unseen ones which will be created in future in addition to the inheritance of the past. In other words, all restriction surrounded ancient Mouseion has been removed.
   If the integrated freedom of expression ? the supreme idea for art ? is achieved, all the elements following art will accomplish utter development, too. Therefore, the beneficence of mass production of medium and support brought by the Industrial Rrevolution will be maintained just as it is. Also, the environment that economic basis of art is extended due to its dependence on purchasing activity of general public will be similarly maintained, too. Producer's role of estimating the purchasing activity of general public and making an artwork into the object of investment will be more polished.
   In any case, something always becomes a sacrifice if the supreme idea is not achieved, but there is nothing to deny if the supreme idea is achieved. Today's Mouseion was born to meet the demands of all human and material elements concerning art, and must continue its activity for this purpose.
    The personal computer will keep improving its performance and increasing the ability of individuals who possess it to create artworks. Besides, the personal computer is directly and simultaneously connected with exhibition place and purchasing market through the Internet, which creates real time synchronism among production, advertisement and consumption of artworks. On the other hand, it will rationalize quality of broker who intervenes between production and consumption.
    Synchronism among production, advertisement and consumption, and rationalization of broker spawn a lot of business chances. Because such a structure is caused by the natures of personal computer and Internet, a business chance increases automatically by extending the targeted goods.
   Therefore, even though Mouseion has started picture dealing accidentally because of personal concern of the founder; there is no reason for remaining only in this business. It will inevitably self-extend to other art fields, such as photograph, literature, music, movie and so on. Then in the process of self-extension, Mouseion will develop a lot of new software.
    Although Mouseion which denies nothing is born on the Internet, it will give full play to the conventional means related to art which exists outside the computer as well. Starting with museum, it will spread its tentacles to the media including books, newspapers and broadcastings. Then, by incorporating revolutionary development of image and sound terminal into the network, every place on the earth from individual private closed space to agora will turn into exhibition place. Finally, it will boost demand for artworks even higher.
   Today's Mouseion should continue to be in the midst of preestablished harmony, that is, to complete freedom of expression in art creation will maximize the flow of relevant human and material resources. In order to be so, it is indispensable for today's Mouseion to be managed by talented persons who can foresee its idea, function and direction to advance.
    If such talents provide wisdom, ardor, labor, and fund for Mouseion, in whatever field they are versed in, above-mentioned preestablished harmony will surely be realized. Then when it is realized, the person who provided a load for Mouseion will receive many times of rewards in his hand.
    To be specific about fund provision, necessary costs are only to establish and control server, and to build system programs for management of Mouseion upon starting business. These costs have been decreasing thanks to severe competition in Internet-related technology. Large-scale investment in equipment is not necessary at all. Mouseion will bear these initial investments. Therefore, Mouseion needs a little operating fund at the first stage of its plan; if somebody wants to invest in this, he might get incredibly good dividend or profit.
   If there is not anyone who dares to assume a risk of this initial investments, opportunities for these high profits will all go to Mouseion.
    For art and art lovers, today's Mouseion provides the complete freedom of expression and security of freedom to access art products. At the same time Mouseion guarantees opportunity of self-realization and maximizing profits to participants in its management. Mouseion, openhearted to anything, craves for sincere, wise and above all brave challengers to look for this opportunity. Then, even if these challengers might get the picture of "the narrow gate (MATT 7:13)" as Christ says, it will have more significant meaning than "the eye of a needle which a camel goes through (MARK 10:25)".

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