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Event gallery of Teruo Sato Reminiscence
Teruo Sato's ART GALLERY

  Event gallery of Sato is Mouseion's first art gallery. This is merely the first step, and it will invite innumerable artists to follow. In this sense, Teruo Sato is a handful of seeds sown first on the ground of Mouseion.
  Teruo Sato (1926-2003) is the first painter whose works Mouseion sells and introduces. However, we do not aim to popularize Sato's painting style to the world, or to gather painters who sympathize with him to make a school. It is the way of introducing him that matters.
 It may be rare that someone intends to invest in the works of this still nameless painter in Japan. Even in such a case, Mouseion tries to invest intellectual and material resources as much as possible. In particular, we can dare to invest in intellectual resources, even if economic value of work is latent. It will prove that Mouseion does not regard an artwork as a mere commercial goods.
  Teruo Sato's gallery is a concrete example to verify it. Actually, there are much more nameless painters than famous ones. Some of their works can become great artworks, and now they are buried like gold dust. Mouseion does not mind digging this gold dust as steady work. Examples of its activities in addition to its idea of serving the freedom of all those who engage in self-expression will make wise artists keen to deal with Mouseion.

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