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  To commercialize an artwork has a negative side of distorting art, but on an affirmative side, makes it richer and more popularized. While keeping the harmful effects of the former down, Mouseion will investigate characteristics of the latter and try all the methodology to promote it. Renown and economic value which accompany an artwork are like a shadow.
  If you keep your eyes only on the shadow, you might be dragged into the darkness. However, if you watch the object which is creating this shadow while walking under light, the shadow will follow you by itself.
  All those who try to express a peculiar world which no one can imitate are an artist. It is not necessary to be qualified by others, let alone acknowledgement by specific authority. Actually though, qualification from outside is rampant everywhere. There are too numerous to mention, namely school, exhibition, approval of critic, and so on. Authorization activity by outsiders is not for the sake of original purpose of art; it is motivated by political or economic intensions of many people concerning art.
  Mouseion serves the fundamental purpose that anyone who does self-expression is an artist, and will make all the functions created by modern civilizations work in order to achieve it. As for qualification related to art, Mouseion will clarify its standard and reorganize it to be available under rational computation. Whether business brisks art or art exceeds business, history will give the answer in the end. Mouseion is an experimental site to draw out the answer.
  Mouseion chose a Japanese painter Teruo Sato (1926-2003) as the first experimental material. Starting with Sato, Moseion will invite other painters to follow. Sato's works will become a tuber of Mouseion, and should become a forerunner for a big art tree which will flourish later.

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