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  The purpose of founding Mouseion is to establish artists' complete freedom of expression. At the same time, this is useful for development of art business as well. To achieve these two aims at a stroke in short time, a SF novel had to be written if twenty years ago. But today, we have "Leviathan" - computer network that covers the whole world. Therefore, once we set about programming here, everything becomes an actual movement at once.

When the Homo sapiens broke through the ability of the Neanderthal man and invented art, it was the monopoly of limited persons. Picture was sealed to gloom in tomb room as soother for a dybbuk; architecture was shown to coerce citizens by a man of power, and, as visible god, sculpture blocked up a road to the holy world. From this moment, human reason began a pace to the direction in which these various limitations biding up the art should be removed.

Reason blooms every inch in transparent and multilateral space where no one is refused. Brilliant Hellenistic culture realized the first space of this kind in Alexandria. However, today, reason can utilize all the created implements of civilization. Today's Mouseion has been equipped with opened space in its nucleus, an electromagnetic brain and electric limbs at the same time. Then, Mouseion lets the beauty run as blood through its body.
The aim of new Mouseion, with full use of computer and Internet, is to secure the complete freedom of expression for all artists, which moreover makes the basis of the complete mental freedom of all human beings. If this will be achieved, economic profit of a person who tries to deal with artist will be secured to the full, too.
 Mouseion will not confine itself in the frame of state, culture, religion or ethnic group. Crossing over the barrier of discrimination, it advances to any place on earth as far as an electric circuit extends.

If this system is used only for power greed, it only popularizes hate and suppression. However, Mouseion engages only in love and liberation on its mission, which reverses a whirlpool of darkness brought by the "crash of civilizations", urging a new understanding on the significance of existence of the present-day civilization and the human reason.



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