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Ancient Mouseion

Oriental proverb says that name indicates the whole body. Mouseion is not the exception of this saying applied. Great wisdom of the ancient dwelt in this word.
Taking over the name is to undertake one of its meaning. At first, we would like to give an outline of this wisdom.
   As well known, the ancient Greek planned and constructed ancient Mouseion.  The ancient Greek excelled in all points of art. The excellence appeared in design creation as spatial reorganization. The ancient Greekfs outstanding art sense had an enormous influence on human culture after them as well as their philosophy and poem.
  However, art is a skill of form. If there is not a form, the mind of it is not transmitted to any one. Even if a form is clear, enormous people can realize it. Both this advantage and disadvantage of form must be recognized again, and it will be necessary to be taken in a new receptacle.
  This new receptacle is present Mouseion under construction with our plan. Through this new present Mouseion, people are compelled to face with the meaning of art in civilization history again. Then, this must be useful for the person who tries to succeed to Greek art and the person who tries to resist it.
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