Taketoshi Murayama
1955 -
Nationality; Japan

He was born at Tokyo Japan and led growth in that place up to this day. He entered and learned at the law faculty of Tokyo University. However, finding that its faculty was the stronghold in which theoretical technique for the bureaucrat regulation to the people based on an obscurant policy was instructed, he did not endure this policy and began to build the learning system based on the contrary idea after quitting there. Because the dominant trend of Japan consists of discrimination of class and exclusion of foreigner, Murayama who challenged these two flatly received latent suppression from a lot of individuals and organizations in Japan necessarily.

Thought of Murayama is clear and is simply to make all the human beings free completely. He sacrificed all energy to this purpose so far. The thought opposed to this is that only a chosen specific individual, group, hierarchy and so on enjoy privileged freedom and this thought exists all over the world not limited in Japan.

 For the human being to become free completely, the freedom in the phase of mind and material must be satisfied together. For its purpose, the thorough separation of religion and politics, and the general penetration of economical perfect competitive market in the field of capital, labor, and commodities at global scale are indispensable. Therefore, Murayama made an effort toward scholarly search for religious, political and economical conditions realizing these and theoretical systematizing of them.

It is needless to say that, in the present human society, these cannot be sufficiently established yet, and many subspecies of various state religion systems and monopoly, oligopoly or controlled economy led by national socialistic initiative are still rampant and are leading the human race to the edge of fear and poverty. Therefore, Murayama has been endeavoring to accumulate the most powerful intellectual resources for establishing complete freedom in order to remove these evils from the surface of the earth fundamentally day by day. Also, as the first step for realizing self thought, he constructed Mouseion in this site and engages in formulation of its plan and management.

+++++ Main works of his writing ++++++
" Japan - its total structure of power "

" General overview of Jurisprudence "

" Autobiography about the process of forming  my scholarship "

" The country dominated by school "

" Japan, wandering country "

" State, War, Revolution "

" Automaton Sisyphus "

" The Declaration of the Independence                        Republican Party "

" The draft of constitution of the Federal                      Republic of West Pacific "

" The Protocol of the Pure Faith Union "

" Criticism against the law of leasehold "

" Comment on the consumption tax "

" Symbol and Art "

" The meaning of the Edo period "

" Dual Dharma "

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