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 Mouseion site aims to destroy the fence between each genre of art, art and business, country and country, culture and culture, the Orient and the Occident, and then aims a great synthesis of them.
We are waiting for participation of persons who support these purposes.

About Mouseion
 Mouseion is derived from the ancient Greek's goddess "Muse" who protected poetry and learning, and it was historically known by name as the place where the art and intelligence of the whole world were gathered in ancient Egypt. Our site Mouseion restores it at the present day, and aims to combine human traditional craftsmanship and cyber space. Our Mouseion is in the course of beginning, and it will grow day by day with your join and help. Along with growth of this new embodiment of Muse, you can become a best artist, or you can have a supreme art collection, or you can trade high price artworks by one click through this site in everywhere of the world.

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Thinking on Space Art  (Now under construction)

  This thesis grasps the total structure of fine arts, the architecture, the sculpture and the picture, and investigates the unified principle of them, and shows the prospective outlook of total fine arts in new 21st century.

 This thesis is composed of three parts. The first part is explanations of the fundamental principle through the whole arts. The second part is general statements of art history of whole world from the generation of Homo sapiens to the present time according to the principle indicated in the first part. The third part is a proposal of new art direction in the 21st century on the basis of mentions of the first and the second parts.

  In opening of this site, we will start to carry all of the first part. And next time we will carry additionally the second part, which is composed of ancient art, medieval art and modern art in Western Europe, and the third part in turn. Since there is no clear distinction of the times, such as ancient, medieval and modern, in Oriental art and South & Central American art, the total and continuous history of them will be carried in another package form later them. Please look forward to these publications !

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The World of Teruo Sato
This thesis shows the introduction and multifaceted analysis of Japanese painter Teruo Sato's drawing performance and his individual work. 


This section shows the each meaning of total art from the viewpoint of mutual relation among the literature, the music and the painting.


This section shows that historical accumulation of paintings leads the drawing act of a painter.


This section shows that creative act of a painter is the record of personal energy throughout his whole works of lifetime.


This section shows the original meanings of painterfs common tools, such as the composition, the color and the line, in conversation with his own work.


This section explains the important keywords useful for investigating the characteristics of Teruo Satofs paintings.

Penitent Magdalen
Repenting Magdalene
Dying Gaul@

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The composition of art Gallery
A palace, a church, a public hall and so on are always found in the center of a city, and they are built for all citizens to gather. On the road to the city center, stores stand in a row; around them, the citizens lead their daily lives. These three parts are connected each other to be as one. This mechanism was naturally made anywhere on the earth.
When a man tries to make something large-scale, its mechanism will automatically turn out like the city. It does not rule out the Internet because it is created by human beings, and a website will become like a compressed city.
If so, it is right that we should bring in the mechanism of the city into the website on the Internet from the beginning. The vision of art gallery in Mouseion is more refined forerunner of this.

Raphael Parnasus
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Teruo Sato's Gallery
Teruo Sato was a rare painter who comprehended the methodology of Western Academy in Japan from experience. In Japan there is no tradition of drawing pictures on the basis of strict perception of object form. Thus Sato becomes a heretic in the Orient, and becomes an alien in the Occident.
 However, he tried to seek universal beauty in a Japanese theme, and he is worthy to be called the key man who fuses the art of the Orient and the Occident. Here you can overlook the essence of his OEuvre.

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Maja Series
By Teruo Sato
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