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Today, the order of international law which has been built up in the Christendom for a long time since the 17th century is trampled, and the hatred to pagans and the darkness of illegality is covering the world gradually. Thus a new religion war is beginning to start, but we intend to resist this trend of present times by the harmony of civilizations not the conflict of them.

On the other hand, in Japan, only the persons with a special blood cling to privileges and inheritances of the past, and try to maintain the national isolation system on exclusion of foreigners. Then, Japanese people are making last useless struggles for trying to indulge in momentary pleasures in the community of the ordinary, which should be called "the paradise of fools", being controlled by bureaucrats who are school genii and kings of the ordinary, with avoiding excellent scientists and artists. The Japanese ordinary cannot appreciate the talent of such scientists and artists properly, and they regard them as mere oddities. And then they are only interested in petit harmony among the persons with a special blood, and keep to ignore grand harmony fusing the whole world.

However, we are trying to construct a new artist utopia with fusion of the Orient and the Occident in this place suitable for geographical condition irrespective of native inhabitants. We intend to serve the genius of the art. Some day this utopia will evolve into a political system from the art field. The Japan Islands are located in a desirable position, between Far East and Far West, where a lot of persons and goods are communicated and traded from both sides. Expelling Japanese native inhabitants, the persons try to construct this utopia should build a first fortress for fusion of the whole world in the Japan Islands. The Japanese getting at the summit of corruption will be self-ruined in the near future.

We want to recruit new able staffs who have an interest, or an approval, or a support to these purposes from all the world, whatever the nationality are. Proud Japanese who suffer from the colonial government ignores the national interest at busy with daily conflicts for post in Kasumigaseki village or the nation people with passive, closed and discriminative temper will be welcomed. Especially in the period of starting business, we much welcome angels, sponsors, investors who can take a risk bravely, and volunteers because of lack of our equity capital. And we need the talent of eminent translators, rewriters, software inventors, and computer programmers. We plan to work together such good ones by contract not employment.



By Teruo Sato
By Teruo Sato
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