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  Ancient Mouseion

  Mouseion is the original form of museum which ancient Greeks created. Why should we look back now ancient Greeks who lived more than 2000 years ago? However, the form of White House and the British museum resembles well shrines made in ancient Greece. A big and deep secret may possibly be concealed here.

  Oriental proverb says that name indicates the whole body. Mouseion is not the exception of this saying applied. Great wisdom of the ancient dwelt in this word. Taking over the name is to undertake one of its meaning. At first, we would like to give an outline of this wisdom.

  As well known, the ancient Greek planned and constructed ancient Mouseion.  The ancient Greek excelled in all points of art. The excellence appeared in design creation as spatial reorganization. The ancient Greek乫s outstanding art sense had an enormous influence on human culture after them as well as their philosophy and poem.
  However, art is a skill of form. If there is not a form, the mind of it is not transmitted to any one. Even if a form is clear, enormous people can realize it. Both this advantage and disadvantage of form must be recognized again, and it will be necessary to be taken in a new receptacle.
 This new receptacle is present Mouseion under construction with our plan. Through this new present Mouseion, people are compelled to face with the meaning of art in civilization history again. Then, this must be useful for the person who tries to succeed to Greek art and the person who tries to resist it.


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   Mouseion revived today

Enormous books stored in ancient Mouseion were reduced to ashes by war fire together with papyrus scrolls on which texts were written and disappeared beyond a legend. Today乫s Mouseion revives on the Internet, or its cradle.
  On this site, artists, producers, picture dealers, appreciators can come across in a fraction of a second. Encounter and combination of different persons will evoke an unexpected and explosive change. It should happen in both sides of art creation and art business. Let's have a glimpse of this new Big Bang.

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  The picture sale of Mouseion

There is at least hundreds-of year history in picture sale. This is never short as the time of sales of goods. However, the human race cannot draw out all the utility of picture as goods to the full yet. Traditional picture sales meant selling original works which painter him/herself draw. The meaning of this dealing form does not fade away at all today and is still situated on the throne of sales.
Here, expensive price was put on sole genuine work and then picture dealings become ones like trade of goods in the market.

丂Mouseion does not deny the meaning and the history of these traditional dealings. Valuable business chances are left here and a lot of wisdoms that forerunners accumulated are buried in the field as well. Therefore, there is no need to dwell upon Mouseion's engaging in this dealing form sincerely.

However, do the picture dealings have only such contents? We consider that uncivilized wide area which is not satisfied only with this form and must be cultivated is shown openly before our eyes in the picture business. As all the history of progress teaches us, so we need to open a door toward the unknown in the field of the picture dealings. And a key of the door will be given with an inquiry of the essence of picture.

The picture is one that painter gave shape to his/her own concept based on peculiar spatial recognition and coloring sense. Here, the important thing is no other than painter乫s view of the world and his/her life appeared through composition and coloring. Paints and canvas are only implements which express them. Saying this in other words, if the creating intention of painter as the essence of picture is revealed anywhere for example film, TV and movie screen, it can become goods. Also, even a part of picture can become goods as a character.

Here, price of the goods may be cheap. If having only a viewpoint to sell only original works in order to make a fortune at a stroke, no business chance can be sought. However, to expand media of picture expression increases opportunity and the number of times of trade. If the opportunity and the number of times increase, profit can become enormous by multiplying cheap price by them. Though a little too late, for picture dealings, its turn when it will step forward this profit opportunity at which usual business aims naturally comes round. Then, expanding business chances for example seeking of wider market and more flexible price setting and increasing of rental dealings are needed for pictures.

Then, a wise reader may notice following things already. In consequence of expanding expression means of picture in this way, picture fuses with a photograph, broadcast and movie. It is not so difficult thing to realize that these are identical fundamentally. When coming to this stage, we can arrive at the reality that all the corporations invest huge advertisement expenses to broadcasting, movie and so on as propagation medium all over the world. Then, picture can join this huge advertisement market with arms of powerful copyright. Mouseion乫s picture dealings foresee these points. Then, we are finding a dealing partner who shares this prospect.



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  The composition of art gallery

The art gallery of Mouseion is a window which is opened on the Internet and can join appreciators of works to artists directly. From this window, the artists can introduce their works to the general public by their own hands. Since the site of Mouseion is built in a virtual space, artist do not need to pay expensive rent of shop, material cost, personnel expenditure and so on for carrying of their works on this place. They can only pursue support of the general public intently.
A painter will become a hero/heroine completely in the site of Mouseion. Then, Mouseion will venture to construct a painter-first site as one picture dealer for the first time. Because Mouseion does not take top priority over growing corporation rapidly, we can keep profit of painters by spending enough time.

Since the window where painter and the general public exchange courtesies is same as a show window of ordinary store, it needs an ornament for attracting customers. At present, an expert called Internet enterpriser is providing a creating know-how to make this ornament exclusively. Since quite a much cost may be taken about bringing up a talent who has expertise in a new business field, the enterpriser who joined the Internet must redeem this first. Specifically, it appears in the form of purchase of high-priced web design fee and expensive relative equipments of PC. This will become a big economical load for all persons who try to participate in the Internet.

However, technology is growing day by day. Now it is common sense that price of expensive technology reduces to half in the time span of half a year. In such times, the business model which parasitizes between the artists and the general public will not be able to have competition power already. Therefore, in Mouseion, commission about agency will be lowered to the utmost. Instead of it, we will be absorbed in getting more profit by developing merchandise of picture.
In the future, artist can carry Home Page that he/she will design personally at desirable cost on the Internet. Or, we will provide circumstance where he/she can use Home Page of template type which Mouseion will prepare as well. The artists can devote energy to creation by this without reserve.
Also, the site of Mouseion is constructed to send for the whole world from the beginning in order to demonstrate utility of the Internet to the full. Therefore, the artist who is entered on Mouseion will be able to anticipate global activities to deal with picture dealers all over the world and to win customers in an optional oversea market.

In the site of Mouseion only a producer in true meaning will be able to intervene between the artists and the general public. And the producer who possesses superior planning ability and deep understanding to art together will be selected on the side of artists. Mouseion will introduce or train up newly such a professional who can achieve results, and will make an opportunity for providing his/her technique and talent for the artists separately. Then, the artist can choose complete freely the way whichever he/she acts a self-advertisement efficiently without a help or he/she employs an expert about sales planning.

Incidentally, the artist who is entered on Mouseion can exhibit free his/her works on banner-gallery in the site. This is a privilege in memory of our opening business; so let you take advantage of this. Now the knob of door to the world is within your grip!

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   Event gallery of Teruo Sato

Teruo Sato乫s pictures have all elements of pictures. If applicator乫s eyes are dazzled only by his painting touch in divine skill and overwhelming figure of object, every one may miss this totality. He is suitable painter whom Mouseion, which is planning a new try on picture dealings, manages first, on ground that his pictures are such uncommon. Surveying fine art history of the world, in addition to Japan, could a painter who achieved lucid person descriptions realized as "The Maja Series" have drawn thoroughgoing landscapes represented by "The Sado Series"? Then, in addition to this, is there an example to have integrated these both into one on complete original conception as accomplished in "The Wilderness Series"? A real example is discovered only in Leonardo da Vinci. However, as for da Vinci, a lot of portraits were incomplete and there is no pure landscape.
Sato drew enormous nude images which can be called the most traditional academy paintings in the Western countries. However, he had deep devotion to object like Rembrandt, but on the other hand, there is cooled scenery like Joseph Mallord William Turner and Casper David Friedrich and also there is a paradoxical conversion of viewpoint like Edgar Degas and Gustave Courbet, and moreover, there is a revolutionary formative dissolution like Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Sato had strict grasping of form which Japanese painters of the Meiji era remained imperfection whereas his eyes were attentive with mixture of color and light on image, too. He took room more daringly than any other paintings of Japanese style in his picture and there is more minute description than any other western pictures. It has delicacy and boldness, sharp line and vivid color, Stoicism and Eroticism, dramatic scene and daily view.

All painters and persons who are devoting to training of drawing picture may be able to learn something from a part of Sato乫s pictures necessarily. However, anyone cannot master all of them. A painter who has an interest only in landscape cannot recognize value of his portrait. It is also proper in converse case. So why can Sato have pictured scenery and person with same ardor? It is the very reason that he was purely confronted with picture itself. As for the artificial classification which divides a picture, it seemed only an unnecessary fetter for artistic soul of Sato.

Now, this whole image of Sato must be added to new fine art history. People who will visit Sato乫s site in Mouseion can perceive all of these with explanation of concrete words not sense while observing sublime and precise paint brush by Sato himself, and can see miracle works of this painter with their own eyes.

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  Enter the Mouseion Top Image Contest !! 丂丂
1, Now, we are inviting your applications for top image of Mouseion. Mouseion is inviting the image decorating the opening part of our website. It describes symbolically Mouseion's whole activity, with the subject of Apollo and nine Muses.
 On Mouseion's top page, at present there is
a tentative image that its founder Takatoshi Murayama made. However, as Murayama is not satisfied with it; we invite artists from all over the world to send your work that surpasses it. Please create an image according to the gist shown below. You can create the contents freely with your original idea. If you are confident in your creativity, we strongly recommend you to send your work.

2, We will present 1000 dollars as reward to the winner. There is not certain deadline for entries; we will accept your application until the winner is formally chosen. Announcement of the winner will be posted on this website.
  We will present
500 dollars as reward to an excellent work which is as good as the winner, even though it did not win this time, as special prize. Also, we will display all works applied at the special corner on this website. Incidentally, Murayama, inventor of tentative figure, too, is planning to make improved version at present.
 Winners of first prize and special prize will be selected by Taketoshi Murayama and Sachiko Katano, the co-managers of Mouseion.

3, Make an image in JPEG form, 800 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height.
* Even if you send the image exceeds the above, we will compress it to this size.
*We accept scanned handwritten works; in this case, be careful for the degradation of picture quality.
*Send your work by e-mail as attachment to our address on this website.
*When sending a work, write clearly your e-mail address, name and resident mailing address of the creator, and the details of the payee and payment method of reward as you like.
* As for the gist of image, consult the tentative figure and the following details.

When you will send a work for top image of Mouseion, we hope to send another confident work you create by yourself together. If you wish, we plan to display it on special corner in our site. (Of course, this is not compulsion. You may send only the top image for application.) Incidentally, please make your image file of the original work JPEG form. The size of height and width is free. However, make file capacity equal to or less than 130 KB and do not put a frame in it. We will announce detailed condition about the display of this work once more later. If you have a question, use e-mail or BBS in this site.
Raphael's Parnasus
The Last Supper
The Three Graces
Plafond of the baroque times
Poussin's Parnasus
Mengs' Parnasus
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